Netherlands announces first offshore green hydrogen factory

The Netherlands will build its first large green hydrogen factory at sea next to a wind farm north of the Wadden Islands, Minister Rob Jetten for Climate and Energy announced. The factory must be ready for use in 2031.

The government previously announced plans for two wind farms in the Wadden area, one to provide electricity to the Dutch grid and the other to generate electricity for hydrogen production. The government considers hydrogen a vital fuel for the energy transition because no CO2 is released during the production of green hydrogen.

Jetten is accelerating plans for an offshore green hydrogen factory because it is becoming increasingly clear that hydrogen is necessary for the sustainability of the industry and heavy transport, he said. The energy crisis has also demonstrated the need for self-sufficiency. “With this plan, we are a global leader,” Jetten said.

The Minister chose the location so that the hydrogen factory is as close as possible to the wind farm that will provide it with energy. That would mean far fewer electricity cables than if it was located on the mainland. The factory will also fall under the province of Groningen, which means that part of the old pipelines of the gas infrastructure can be used to transport the hydrogen.

Jetten said he was pleased by Groningen politicians’ support and enthusiasm for the plan. “The province and municipalities are fully committed to a green economy in which the production of sustainable energy is central.” Groningen politicians also expressed the wish to be the first province no longer dependent on fossil fuels following years of gas extraction and fracking earthquakes.

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