BBB likely to become the largest party in at least 13 water boards

The BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) ​​will likely become the largest party in at least 13 water boards, according to preliminary figures from the association of Dutch water boards. WaterNatuurlijk and left-wing parties have also enjoyed considerable success. The final results of the water board elections are expected to be revealed next week.

The association announced on Friday afternoon that it had received vote counts regarding 15 of the 21 water boards in the Netherlands. Based on these preliminary results, BBB is expected to secure the highest number of seats in 13 water boards. WaterNatuurlijk, a partnership between GroenLinks, D66 and Volt for the water board elections, is currently the largest party in five water boards. Other parties, such as the PvdA and the animal rights party PvdD, are also expected to win seats.

Right-wing newcomer JA21 is entering several water boards for the first time. The results of the VVD vary widely per water board, while the CDA appears to be losing seats overall. 50Plus is also lagging behind the results in 2019.

With results available from 15 out of 21 water boards, the preliminary voter turnout stands at 53.7%. In 2019, the turnout was 51.3%. The final results of the water board elections will be announced on March 23 at the earliest. The results take longer to compile because municipalities first count votes for the provincial elections. The higher voter turnout also led to delays in the counting process this year.

In the Netherlands, regional water boards manage a wide range of issues, like water management, flood prevention, and drought preparedness. They also make decisions during storms, such as water pumping, and assist with planning, maintenance and operation of dikes and locks. They can also be involved in water purification.

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